Monday, November 3, 2008

A Despise Of Lies

like lightning's ravaged my hair
I prepare myself for a storm at your cusp
wild weather expecting do damage
to all that bares hold us up

by a thread and vexing are the eyes
of strangers on the sidewalk
stepping, with leaned forward strides
I must be pepping myself in viscous talk

the corners of my mouth
parallel edges as sharp the sword
grated upon a stone: two blades
with which to cut you down were born

yes, you're the mother of my hate
and the wife of my despise
married to my every thought
of the damage provoked by lies

two words as carelessly are cast
we spit at each other like acid
fuck off! fuck you! no, you fuck off!
we scream and rave, only our passion placid

how does 'how do you do?'
grow wings and teeth - that of dragons
till it breathes fire and scorches
and makes love a branding

never removed from the skin
I itch at you constantly irritating
and just the sight of you riles me
my strong dislike thrives with no abating

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