Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stranger's Smile

despite absence of all trying I'm falling in love with a stranger's smile
finding more and more all the time hers unlike any I've seen in awhile
hiding behind the friendly front it's kind to me her lips that curve
and I wonder do I detect suggestion written in her eyes or do I just yearn

see, some months ago I once thought life promised some kindness in others
but I then eventually learnt that love's mainly vague even in the arms of a lover
this once I remember smoking cigarettes on the bench for wreck of nerves
and as such; patiently awaiting a break in my stench of fear to ask her

a moment aside outside or in that cafe where I made my intentions clear
and on the story goes; we had a month or so but all closeness disappeared
I can't come near that feeling again I'm not of strength to bare it as such
but what a tearing it's head against heart and if left it's weight is so much

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other people waiting

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