Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Aquisition Of Manliness

One night, after coffee and conversation where we'd outlined falling in love; as brethren three of us walked in the dark to a quiet backstreet park. Behind residential apartment buildings we smoked for the sake of living. We sat and discussed the past - retrospecting our respective paths, and laughed at how coincidentally we'd stumbled upon a truth at last.

We realised the journey undertaken and that we all knew it wasn't over, but at that moment it was worthy our noting of how we'd all grown into men. Each wiser and older of our own accord we vocalised and brought forth a vision. Now clear through hindsight to see how over time our lives interweaved. Though we'd missed each other by distance and circumstance we were pleased that for all our travels we were unraveled together - to three men young and free. With corresponding awareness we'd pursued the acquisition of manliness fervently.

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