Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Final Straw

sex is the final straw
when you realise you should withdraw
you try to explain it away as mistake
saying you can't sustain any longer
so, coldly you choose to ignore your feelings
of intrigue and attraction that once made you so sure

the moment was not enough to remember
at least as pleasant and you can't take it as relevant
or appropriate given the context
why's it that something as giving as sex
can extract this quickly from your conscience
these bizarre new facts and intents
that leave me stressed and grieving

everything dissolves as my thoughts unfold
you speak with the voice of a therapist
but react like a patient at the clap of a hypnotist

awakening with a different vision

what opened with a kiss and closed in closeness
you won't see as beautiful even if I choose to
instead you can only see it and yourself as broken
and all that leaves me is alone

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