Thursday, June 19, 2008

Your Embrace

remember the other day, you held your arms out wide in embrace
you asked me for a hug with your face falling a look I couldn't refuse
in fact at your requesting I wish I had mentioned this sooner
a similar thought had crossed my perspective through my brooding
as the only intervention for our vague communicating of late

I didn't ask at the time but it was still a question on my mind last night
do I ever make your thoughts or do you think of what might have been
as you can look back now from outside how major do I seem
can we be explained away with context of innocence when you dream
I'm plagued by curiosity, was I proof to yourself of what not to keep

love is a liquid that once filled me to the brim and now slowly seeps
from all my pores and as it escapes it gnaws on my finger and toe tips
we had a map and an x marked spot but for all digging couldn't find the treasure
when saying goodbye and farewell, letting go is painful yet still a pleasure
satisfaction in closure to every moment of my soul that you'll own forever

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