Saturday, June 21, 2008

True Love Waits On Blind Dates

dressed to impress in leather boots slipped over jeans - stitching aligned
with seams running her long legs past her knees to dark seductive blue thighs
she takes to the pavement struts by and sighs, brushes her wet hair from her eyes
drags on a cigarette and a wisp of hot breathe leaves her pink luscious lips
it sits for a second then floats slowly in the mist towards the drizzling grey sky

she takes a seat at the cafe they'd agreed to make their meeting place
ignoring the menu explores the setting for a similarly curious face
she tries to hide her awkwardness by checking her watch, noting the time
excusing him for running a little behind,
she tells herself the wait won't be long
but it's itching in her conscience; what let down she's instigated with her promptness

over an hour alone next to an ashtray she built a tower with lipstick stained filters
now it lays the smoking butts of remains of her patience and tired hopeless chances
her time wasted creating scenarios
of how this first date may play out
how much of herself she should say then debating interest in him dissolving into doubt

disappointment instilled; she requests the bill for the glass of red she's already twice filled
relieved though annoyed at the taxing anticipation; gathers herself, gets up and leaves
along roads, quick-stepping through unrelenting rain, she hates how romance is always this way
and asks herself desperately why she can't seem to find a nice, genuine kind of guy
getting into her car she pauses to consider; is it plausible to know love as a most of all
then cries a tear for how long she's been trying to find one who's true to let herself fall for

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