Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Flicker Of The Interior Light Last Night

do I mistake for shy
your nature when you're just hung up on a guy
the interior light flickers when I get in
to the car and let's me only a glimpse of your eyes

we arrive to the alley

only to have to stand in a long line and wait

contemplating staying or are good times up ahead

a bitter wind chill makes us writhe, thinking of a warm bed

out to you I'll extend

my arms lending you my jacket under the pretense

of keeping you warm but I'm actually trying to mend

your exposed flesh and bones from his scorn

would I miscalculate

if I thought your quiet: the equation of enduring lies

though you plaster a smile and dance all the while

I think behind your pretty facade you're hiding

how's romance treating you

I'll inquire when the music dies to enough of a silence

trying to reach through this tired, old night

to see if you feel as beat as I do

we'll have spent the evening

amongst all these strangers of people; neglecting

our thoughts of our others drinking and forgetting

then we'll get back in the back seat; sobering up

and I'll wonder

what you were thinking between the flicker
of that interior light as I slid into the car drunk
were you as I; pondering your love's posterior

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other people waiting

we're not strangers anymore