Sunday, June 15, 2008

my home was a broken heart

a broken heart
was my home
with locked doors
and boarded windows
that I hoped
you'd break into.

I waited...
I prayed..
that you'd ravage the contents
throw away all the sorrows

as hours turned to days
I'd take you a squatter
even barely surviving
I'd like it you just
with inhabitance take pride in
restoring it to life

..paint the walls
...grout the tiles
tidy shelves
give it your time

however, you turned out
an invitee without love and care
borrowing my company
but keeping yours
not sharing anything
you might've had to give

I whisper, 'hello?'
and the echo returns alone
the tone rolls off my tongue
like a ruined and void drone

in the emptiness
a tap drips slow tears
knowing all I want
is you
for just a little while
to live here

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