Saturday, June 28, 2008

Distraction For Lack Of You

upon waking each morning I try to wash away the pain
the visions of my night terrors keep me from sleeping in late
before getting ready for the day I've a ritual of cleansing
I cannot dress or make breakfast without a self-confession

my memory's like the mirror, when just out of the shower
the glass fogged up; all hot and wet, blurring what I see
during drying my mind's invaded by hindsight's disease
the bathroom door won't open for all the steam has seized it

after a time the mist subsides and I finally pry away
of late I've developed distractions to keep busy at a little cafe
I sit and sip and wonder if this is all the romance I've left
biding time and waiting at this place with coffee and cigarettes

as dawn rises all around me bringing with it a bustling scene
people and their lives and well trod daily routines
for all failed attempts I still keep thinking of what might've been
if with patience I'd stood by you what prominence love would seem

I've changed my job and my friends and keep working on me
trying to keep our paths separate and let you be happy
but it's not the same alone, and it's not they're bad company
just that in everyone I meet's being now, I know that it's you I seek

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