Monday, June 23, 2008

The Irony Of Silence On Coupled Life

every word we spoke dripped like a slow leak into a sink
until it overflowed into a churning ocean of inspiration and wonder
your laugh cracked like thunder, your smile lit up like lightning
in a storm of conversation that drowned us in confirmation
that it was safe to let the rain pour and flood friendship's limitations
between you and I - minds submarines; plunge deep into each other

the irony being: two souls; rivers running parallel to love's sea
both with romantic exclusivity that destines us friends forever guilty
of caged but fathomed notions stacked from our heart's floors to ceilings
it wouldn't matter these moments even if packed into awareness of our feelings
for all significance they'd never trigger interest or our spiritual cloning
a muse and mind taker neither of us can find but wondering and hoping

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