Sunday, June 22, 2008

Memories Are What We Live To Leave

for the sum of life; memories are all we can trust to remain
what left when we're dead is there for any to gain
in our minds we bundle all our care and our pain
hold close the saints, repress the devils; over the years change their shapes
patiently await time's train to depart the station
and watch it get farther away as we try to manage each day

I once took a love to the top of the world
she was by far the saddest, most pretty little girl
we looked down on the city and I watched her eyes as it hit her
that between our sights was combined all we knew there's to live for

with our homes glowing below us and not wanting to leave
we agreed there was a freedom in being up there that evening
we made a solemn pact to come back soon and remember the truth
that all that mattered that day was the love between us we knew

running our course some months passed and we came to bust up
my love told me me that I wasn't and would never be enough
she claimed feeling chained at her feet to me, like a prisoner waiting death's call
so, now said and done I go to Sky High and try to remember it all

a fear grips me sitting; drinking coffee from the mountain top view
that - though a certain truth then and there I knew her- the feeling of her love I would lose
I tried writing at the time what she meant for my life and to me
but reading the words now I find they don't mean anything
except she was just another girl who was swimming through my head
then got caught in a rip and sunk through my memory to the sandy seabed

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