Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Your Kiss Insists

My mind is a weathered street sign. It is intention reached an intersection. To one side; the world falls away, unknowing what I'll find. The other climbs to your face and mine together. The sky shines; enticing me to drive towards that path and intermittent lay over at your brain, before a corrugated road continues straight on - aiming and praying that at it's end there's still a vacancy. That it's not filled with artifacts of the past. That it ends with clear entrance to your open heart.

Every time your lips take mine with insistent desire; I decide I'll try to let my emotions keep from seeping out or creeping high. But with firm, pressed tongues together and chests touching, if I were to confess I wanted anything less than heartfelt connection I'd be electing self-deception and telling a lie. I don't want to meet your mouth as a hitch-hiker or vagabond. I want to roar through the twines of the road; to feel the passion ascending, growing strong.

The longer this kiss lingers, time stops for us and the world discontinues. Congruous lips as a ship drift slowly towards the invitation of the port's opening. As it gets closer I'm consumed with a hope all too becoming. I sight it from the light tower and lavishly my heart's beacon flashes, trying to guide you to my harbour safely. I want to dock you and unload you; get to know you and your secret cargo. I want to be part of the crew.

I want to be a pirate and overrun you. Climb aboard and take you over. Make you mine and our every kiss a sail for this seaborn ship, hoisted to pick up the wind, destined towards the horizon set for an ocean of love leaving behind the shore. If it sinks or comes claim to storm, we can both go down knowing for sure that we tried our best and plotted with a sincere and honest ploy to take on the sea of you and I.

Heed so: if we come to capsizing ruin, let us drown in each other; gasping for final breaths as our lungs fill all up with dutiful death. Let us revel, take pleasure in submitting freely to saline love.

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