Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Heat Of The Moment

in the heat even my fingers
sweat holding my cigarette

unfolding feelings like no less
inhalation will help me forget

but at best bet reduced remembering
is all I know to expect

when I step by the place
where I recall the moment we first met

memory's a trigger for a bullet
ripping through me pulling

my head down my throat then out
my chest with full force

at a speed with sharp surprise
that by regret's course sighs

until I pass by and find
you're not there to any further endorse

expansion of the guilt which,
like a snail shell fits my back

that I carry 'round as a home
leaving silvery sadness tracks

that though I don't turn to see
I know lead right back to you

and a truth I tried to make a lie
but now rue for being inexact

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