Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No Excavation Of Feelings From The Chase

in recollection of what I past called love
some query does now arise

furthermore, surprise now grabs at
what tries to crawl through my eyes

when I slip it lands upon your lips
for trying to quickly exit mine

I shift and turn in my sleep at it
thinking it just the catalyst of time

can due explanation be you make me feel
a little more than a bit alright

my self and world questioning dissolves
when the only answers landed are trite

love or wondering of; does one's mindset
an interesting twist and turn of events

it leads to excavation of what relations meant
and whether falling's possible to circumvent

there's no trying or pretending that you're less to me
than any other I've yet met

it's surreal how natural it is to forget
the liberty the chase extracts from your chest

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