Friday, October 3, 2008

Spare Empty Chair

tonight; tired of hiding I decidedly told her
that which, in my imagination lies imposed
by coincidence, some random chance I met her out
I was standing at the cafe; waiting in head phones

she paced; rugged up in a red woolen coat
and though I hadn't smoked yet tonight
I still felt a hoarse lump climb up my throat
remembering what I wrote last of her to describe

as she slid into a seat; at a table reserved
patiently, I deliberately let her get settled there
before taking up stride with my late courage
to request sharing her company and the spare chair

as always has been our time knew no silence
both of us reciting of our daily lives with ease
until I finally decided to show her my poem
and let know I've been writing about her with no cease

as I watched her eyes read the lines on the screen
the glow of the poem showing my efforts to redeem
her charming smile was all required to disarm my need
further freed hearing in her breath closure's relief

I payed for my coffee and left her a kiss by her cheek
I stood offering my embrace, aware of the regret which I reeked
I could tell she sought in my eyes a final caution to my feelings
but I just stared at our empty chairs; emotions unrevealed

pacing the steps away it occurred me what I signed in red
with my lips and my heart I'd weighed down my soul
this penalty - my fancy of her; a ballast heavier than lead
has pulled my head into my chest to pay the toll

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Bek said...

Love love love it.

other people waiting

we're not strangers anymore