Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Prisoner Of Cynicism

your open mind let's my token words as a breeze brush in
in a gush flooding and filling, in a seethe the space up within
and it's switching on my dithered interest; the juxtaposition
of your obvious contemplation marked in the words, "I dunno"

so fitting is it your timing now reminding me what love is
that I'm bothered by myself finding such assurance like this
that excitement is best paired between two kindred spirits
and feeling alone is less overrated, so long's you harbor hope

denial's the curse placed upon instinct in absence of relation
like surprise suffices justification of judgment precluding investigation
and ball and chain becomes
your weight to carry in Cynicism's prison
you'll rest on Skepticism's laurels unaware what you make them bare
only thins them

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