Friday, October 17, 2008

The Presence Of Love

lover's giving presents always starts out
wondering with newness nervous doubt
will they depart because of this gesture
or for the greater let see how I get you...

gently untie the string she says
tentatively your gift lies within
you find a dark blue tie pin gun
once opened more likely a broach

a weapon juxtaposed with a dove
wrapped square and tidy in colour
the soft shade just a little lighter
than that of the clear spring sky

your disliking of surprise dies
remembering in jest you requested
to own a colt forty-five revolver
wholly since such nature's cool

but in the present received you got
from her much more a symbol of what
obviously her interest upholds true
and a package with less obligatory dues

the cut of the felt where stapled
stays this symbol is jagged yet clean
and nimble appears the intent
which clear by the time and effort says

mine; dearer you grow by the day
finer as nearer our decisions show
that what begun as merely playful
has sprung a love I'm rearing to own

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