Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Common Denominator?

I always imagined you and I finally together
one day, but lately it seems this way's better
we're not dissimilar, yet not familiar enough
to ever work friends beyond towards lovers

now I can sure say in more than a decade
more than's ordinarily fair; I've contemplated
for and of my share of fairytale endings
I've written away with many false pretendings

when you meet me after nine months passed
and ask of me how's life been of the last
I stutter to answer thinking so odd this request
that I mutter some jargon, hiding what I'd like to confess

discussion's ripe for picking out the patterns
of life's taking our paths too separate actions
tracking through where and who've we've been
exclaiming our aims changed for how we'd seen

now I deem coffee our common denominator
allowed; you round out and away any promanation
of relation once this moment's dissipated
ache made part of my diet, so in stride I take it

remorse a course poured down my conscience
out on the walk towards your car from this
talk about our worlds orbit's let collide and
the fork ahead in the road where you veer left, I right

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