Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Your October Coat

I never told you the extent to which, I fell in love with your October coat
I couldn't mention of or hint at what I felt as the sun melted through the snow
I wouldn't allude how I let it rope me in as Winter quickly passed into spring
and dare not venture beyond friends for fear of what haste and impatience brings

that long jacket bathed you in grey but not bleak for your cashmere eyes
glowed a pastel amber when rays of sun streaked crimson through a lazy sunrise
if procrastination were profession you used to be an excuse to misuse my time
we were perfect in our learning of what for wanting does to make you smile

now what wonders left for what one does know about how the heart abnegates
through my skin it permeates to my skeleton abrading sinew till for pain I abdicate
your coat tails lifted brisk to the timely wind the new summer afternoon looming
and letting go your rope the room in my head I made home for you disappeared just as soon

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