Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Lied About Nine Thirty Five

the small of it's tonight I lied about how last night I called out your name
my fall was pride see I tried to but at your sight his only got in the way
from across a street in the midst of the city a little distance quaked into a great rift
and I suddenly didn't have any courage and all chance of the moment was missed

my eyes landed your hand in his and it looked like in your other you held a knife
that even though invisible sliced my enticement the time exactly nine thirty five
lacking discipline I looked back several steps beyond any retention of report
no abating thought able to ignore my inability to forget or let the past hold the score

but then tonight my smile a magnet you sat down beckoned by my tap and wry wave
to join me at an outside table with your lemon, honey hot water from the cafe
we stayed awhile then whilst you payed I finally found the will to tell you
how I felt then second guessed myself deciding best bet's let slip the truth

looking back starting up on a walk I know like the hand I often hold out
with a press resembling impressions important I realised I unfold to iron my doubt
it's known and seen well my presence at that table and you must know I wait
for you to pass by so I can slyly ask take a seat beside me cause here's the only place

I can take you or just talk to you and as most regulars know and feel here it's home
with the coffee and seasons and my swirling lack of reasons to want less for alone

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