Saturday, October 25, 2008

You're Growing Hope And It Sells

I'm drawn in and of to you pulled through your mind's eye for me
the way I'm transparent you find easily more than most see
drinking on Fitzroy street you've been the first lacking fear to question
noting quick and blatant that I sear myself because of what I less mention

struck slightly embarrassed at your insight and requiting interest of haste
I paused for a second not quite sure how to respond or keep face
but I chuckled inside my head much more aware for your saying
and it became me an inspiration that I've long been incorrectly aiming

your philosophies on love and relations are romance by definition
and on a pedestal you hold high marriage, as if by wise premonition
you're let aware you're just waiting for what's inevitably due
with a sense of conviction so contagious it may's well be true

see my mind shadows my heart and won't be shaken or torn
though with a sense of longing I yearn my conscience be reborn
and if to do it all over I'd be hard pressed to say I crave knowing
because my crime is over thinking yet my only sure bestowing

I love the phrase you and I mirrors for each other leave exposed
not only reflections but angles and aspects unseen and unknown
when I look at your words italicised in your eyes gleaming hope
I bury my harrowed thoughts in the soil of yours waiting to grow

an evolution is underway creeping along my bones out my mouth
down my nose, past my ears and it's soon enough going to surround
I can feel the air thicker for more intimate desire breathing all around
drowning the sounds of sad love with trumpets exclaiming; wait, be found

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