Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Love Knows No Long Distance

your call drops in
your story this...

from long distance
fortnightly flights
back and forth such
a tried plight of love

worth measuring

by time spent alone
Sydney's city drone
welcomes you home

Jetstar aircraft

timetables familiar
you quote by rote
the charts you know,
what waiting chalks
for toll and talk like
you've sought out all;
possibilities to make work
a love that ten hours
separation makes hurt

finally time catches

surprising none
by the cuff of your neck
what love has done

beckoned to Byron

one worth keeping told
sold on chance for risk
holding wide open

disconnect my phone

I'm over being alone
moving on, moving in
with him and all me within
will carry for short
life is and one ought
take no loss as hinder
at new beginnings

...disconnect complete

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