Saturday, May 3, 2008

22 Feb 2008

I tried being nice, I tried being sincere and you threw it back in my face
you gave me a feeble sorry and a let down story dressed in lace
as if the prettier your fable, the more believable you'd be in rejection
but instead you just make me angry, your lies are no protection

I can't stand being told you know I'm nice how do you think that makes me feel
are you saying you don't want it that way are you saying that breaks the deal
well I can't read your mind, I don't get how you play, there's something you're not telling
I feel like for how nice we're being it's bullshit and we should be yelling

I feel sad about how you said no, though in the kindest way you thought you could
I'm emotional and contemplative and can only think of what would
and can't now and of how you should have taken a chance on me and seen
what might've and what maybe I know I am becoming and can be

Your rejection makes me think of primary school, a particular school excursion
when I gave a girl a friendship band as incentive, evidence and persuasion
of how I've been trying for so long to be a nice guy, genuine and sincere
but every time I'm just myself it gets me nowhere and my heart just seems to sear

I guess I'll still see you at times though I don't know if friends we'll be
and I know for a long time to come I'll wonder what if about you and me
to you I'm sure I'll just be a memory of when you felt good or a passing flatter
But I hope one day when you feel alone you consider how much to me you mattered

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