Saturday, May 3, 2008

I hate your assumptions. They’re like lumps in my throat.

17 Feb 2008

STOP assuming that what you read's got the seeds of hate and despise
stop telling people what you think I'm saying, you're telling fucking lies
if you want to know what I've truly to say, then ask and you'll know the truth
there's much about me you're in the dark on, more than you know I've got ruth

you can heal from sticks and stones but words break more than bones
for all that you read, my words are less arrows than they are to atone
I know for me what I write isn't to say from my sight about what happened to her and I
It's more to sort out my heart on my world around me, I hate that you think I'm otherwise trying to imply.

So hold haste to your insights and don't utter another nuisance or console
this paragraph or three is to caution your failing conscience and immature soul
If my words are too vague and you can't help but feel plagued with possibility
then woe to you for your greedy taking, you'll soon meet my ulterior hostility

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