Monday, May 5, 2008

drop a coin into the sea. but only whisper come back to me. it’s safer if no one hears you

28 Apr 2008

time's short for the rain to fall from the eve like the moment it takes to fall apart
as if a dream or deja-vu tonight reminds me of that park and having to depart
not so late at night as the norm from your place after the last conversation we had
when I asked or maybe demanded are you definitely all out so I could stop being sad

dinner then driving you home on the corner you told me what I already suspected
I'm good at assumptions and just as I thought you'd together with your ex resurrected
the course you were traveling on when our worlds collided and interjected
but in the moment with the engine off I forgot to tell you the cost your departure deflected

I loved you for an instance and do now somehow to some extent
and didn't realise till you'd left exactly how much to me you meant
as I drove off tonight I thought about the love it takes to become a man
and that it was quietened too early to let unfold fully my persuasive plan

on my way home I rounded a corner and dropped a coin into the sea
singing out loud I shouted out please come back to me
the coin dropped to the ocean floor and got sucked into the sand
it's wish remains stuck there with the love it takes to destroy a man

what feelings will reside for you in time to come I am unsure
perhaps one day I'll get brave enough and swim to that sandy floor
and retrieve my wish and take it back and put you out of my hopeful mind
or maybe you'll dive and see it shining from the deep blue and what you've lost you'll find

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