Saturday, May 3, 2008

sleep carefully, fuck well.

02 Feb 2008

How do you just have sex without the falling in love part?
Sex is beautiful right? So when you make or do something with someone that's beautiful, who's beautiful; how do you stay at a distance?
Maybe the trick is to have nasty sex in the kind of way (not painstaking, tearing sex) that makes you hate them. For just a few seconds.
If that's too much a challenge, like they're just adorable when they come then perhaps the only resolve remaining is to fuck your opposite. Someone who disgusts you with their clothes on. Who turns you off everytime they open their mouth to speak. The problem is that makes you a bastard. Or a bitch.
So you end up asking yourself what's more valuable? What let's you get to sleep at night? Good sex or a clear conscience? Is there a happy medium?

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