Wednesday, May 7, 2008

hands in pockets

hopes hollow with hands in pockets
eyes eager in their sockets
you watch her locket
sway across, mocking you
with unbuttoned cleavage
her positioning keeping
just out of reach your willing hands
attempting awkward advances
in a lithic stance
she's just another girl fluting
confusing plans
she chooses you
a handsome muse
feeling nothing to lose
moves through the group
with glazed glacial intentions
with a facial expression
you can read like a book's blatant title
she sports a look in her eyes
that keeps you from surprise
as she kisses your neck
though she's missing a heart
you can't help but feel her lips
fueling foreign love's fire
from that very first touch
sparking an instant of flutter
you can't keep her pace
as poised she takes
and indulges your face
she's got nothing for breaking
and with yours she's making
her own ways
towards seduction
no reluctance
to leave you crumpled
after she's done
despite your deferred
delusional dilemma you whisper
you'll go home with her
ignoring the plea of your conscience to confer
with your logic and ration
she leads you out the door
arms round her loot in victorious fashion

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