Saturday, May 3, 2008

time’s like a broken watch

26 Feb 2008

time tortures me repeatedly till I can't wait any longer
my mind condenses profusely and I whittle and I ponder
your lack of actions and decision and my hesitation to advance
I'm wound up, I'm bound to your fateless contradictory plans

you snare me and lure me and turn me into your slave
I endure you and try to move you but you're a sleuth to my prey
you pretend you don't hear me when you know I call for rescue
you repeatedly give up on us, you say I keep leaving you bemused

I'm a broken watch that needs winding but you've no need for the time
you're impermeable to my charm and resist the sincerity of my lines
every sentence from you is sadly contentious and leaves me vexed
I can't work out what you're thinking or what you're wanting of me next

how does a pretty face like yours let your soul betray me with such force
it's so easy to let you creep into my heart, where you cut rough and coarse
you banded me to a wagon; rolled me downhill to roads less taken
you made it beyond evident you stopped loving me and my trust you are forsaking

I'll be lucky to crawl away from you my with my limbs still attached and working
the shameful and pensive memory of you and I perforating continues hurting
your disinterest in my comfort makes me despise the way you watched us wilting
and did nothing to protect us or venture towards prevention of us jilting

I'm an old flame now that burns vengefully mastering scorned spite
I've got contempt in me yet; you don't know the hate I can requite

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