Saturday, May 3, 2008

nobody’s up except the moon and me

14 Mar 2008

I’m all too often imagining more than seems ever to occur
and surely my complexity, by now you’ve managed to incur
but perhaps you’ll get this more than most can glimpse or grasp
so tell me soon if or not of you this is something I can ask

if there’s an early close, would you come out late
or would you shrug me off and my company debate
is it too much to ask; to spare your time and thought
your smile and charm for a moment and my ploy not be ignored

your beauty runs an underground river, below the pretty surface
where as age and time pass over you they won’t ever hurt it
and it’s so hard to connect with someone; let alone so freely
so if you’ve got some time would you take it out to meet me

I’d say there’s such thing as a closeness that connects two souls
it’s in not often having to naively ask or be forever told
intimacy is born between eyes and a pairing of understandings
it’s an intrigue and an admiration without being demanding

I wonder if there’s a place where as you are now you’ll always be
I’d like to hope it’s real and not making home amidst my dreams
because I never recall my late night thoughts when I wake from sleep
and memories of you and I are one’s I’m trying to keep

I know a song, one of my favourites; your name is in the title
if you heard it, you’d get my notion; but chances of that aren’t likely
one day you’ll hear it and know I’m playing it so you’ll stop and listen
and maybe then I’ll have persuaded you and see it worth all my insisting

I know I’m filled with cynicism, but romantic inclinations overrule
In matters of the heart I’m no master, but in honesty I’ve been schooled
time and again by life’s humourous cruelty and people being overprotective
you know where to find me. I hope my words are enough of an obtension

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