Saturday, May 3, 2008


11 Feb 2008

you were a butterfly who flew close to me and somehow got snared
I tried to gently let you go but your wings just couldn't fare
they were damaged too easily and your flight drooped by the ground
I swooped beside you briefly and you fluttered to me a sound
a voice that pleaded softly how you thought I could help you feel
just connected for a moment you wanted to know if our love was a dream or real
the answer you required with so little time to spare
I breathed gently to your wings that I loved you and'll always care
but you're a butterfly and you've a course yet to be unveiled and flown
I cannot continue forever with you and I thought you would've known
that butterflies and bees can share a blossom or two in spring
but as the petals fade away there's nothing on the flower to cling
the wind has a way of moving everything along give it time and you'll mend
but as for you and I our season's set and I've other nectar to attend

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