Monday, May 5, 2008

don’t let the magic of the moment become too much for you

24 Mar 2008

the room is dark and the stillness obvious and though there’s thunder the rain’s yet to fall
listening to the music we missed but one stars song after we kissed and I was glad I gave it my all
for if the moment’s but that and not fleeting but never repeating; I’ll not let a distance creep in
I’ll remember you as you were and I as I held you and how your sincerity broke down the walls

the day was long but time went so fast and I though I’m not sure what will last
I realised you’ve been worth everything and I’d not change an instance that’s passed
because to’ve not lain beside you in the darkness of my room would’ve been too easily a mistake
so as it stands now whether you’ve got me or I’m just a wishful thought, I cannot regret that I asked

thursday seems so far but with this weather it’ll fly as the season’s coming to a change
for all that I thought I knew about love, I found in my heart there’s been some things to rearrange
to fit you in wasn’t hard but to make you comfortable perhaps, ’cause the walls were peeling with outdated paper
so my bed now is made and there’s still something I save in contemplation as our hearts come of age

if you’re a truth I grow to know, then you get that I’ll show it and not hold back my love or advances
we’ve both seen our two hearts meet and neither one of us can be sure, but what’s it worth to not employ the circumstances
leaving behind the cloaks and daggers of the beginning it’s clear there’s more than possibly imagined could be
I’m not into fortune telling or getting my hopes high but it’s impossible to ignore these sort of romances

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