Tuesday, May 13, 2008

love is inspiration

I decided then and there
to say you were my favourite
as your words and soft voice laboured over me
I savoured
you landed on my ears
endearing blatant inspiration
touched my lips with your heart
and honest instigation
drew on feelings I'd had
but lacked words to describe
on your eyes and insight for the world I was thriving
taking notions as seeds
planting them ripe underneath
the soil of my soul they begun sprouting indeciduous trees
of living and seeing
everything in a new daylight
the world changing all around me
a thousand horizons in sight
like clouds climbing mountains
as they descend they downpour
wetting everything you drowned
my hollow wells with thought
rivers spilled over
and ran to a sea of romantic dreaming
dotted across the oceans emerged fleets
of ships white and beaming
and carried your love in song
through my blood to every part of me

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