Thursday, May 22, 2008


the way you fit to me's like an intricate puzzle
piece by piece concentrating on aiming for completion
a depiction or picture of what yet I'm not sure
each addition is slightly giving or further fleeting
not often making whole sense similarly as our meetings
as a rule puzzles are best commenced from the corners
but are our developing borders warnings or beauty fawning
as exclusive members can they remain enough
done and dusted will they tell a truth of lies or love

as setting upon a puzzle you somewhat frustrate me
getting under my skin with wit and intellect grating
and I wonder if its in your safety that I'm getting turned on
or because we're on opposite sides of the track yearning
trying to meet at the rounding bends and stop running parallel
if only there was a picture on the puzzle box to tell
so we could know and stop hoping and anticipating
the promise on the box is a bright warning label
stating this puzzle results in tension fumigating
still our conversations play the following scratched record
two loud entwined minds debating shouting back only hearing echoes

as love is some puzzles never reach completion
but through the manufactured cracks they ooze a secretion
a combination of hints; of lovers secrets and magic teachings
experience a guide for other thousand piece undertakings
at conclusion of a puzzle it must be separated to pieces or traded
for a new one
love just an idea put in a box, shrink wrapped and sold
to discount and bargain corporate run convenience stores
with sales and marketing tactics no wonder puzzles disdain
people hang them in their houses; walls adorned in flattering frames
of the best you can't tell they're puzzles the lines between pieces blurred
but they're so rare to cast your eye upon that they may truly never occur

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