Saturday, May 10, 2008

our love to admire
and if lacking'll set to fire
and the smoke'll billow high
signaling the ending of our time

I'm so sick
and tired
and the fire's
doused out
the sky's
grey over
you and I;
it's plain
there's no doubt
we don't admire
each other
we only spout
for having
to adorn
our interests
and inspirations
in clouds
of dampened
for all we try
we can't
will the fight
this lying
to each other
"I love you"
ain't right
we must
end the pretending

to care
so intensely
and return
to how we
were before
or move on
to spurn
for greener pastures
your silence
holds no
you may say
in time
to pass it was
due us
by fate
but there's
no such
thing sweetie
there's just
you and me
and our collective
and porous
you and I
and our love
was just the
victim of

lust's instance
falling for
it's disguise
of surprise
for one another's
to be content
for a moment,
we created fiction;
we both
sowed it
into the seams
of our
that we were
meant to be
but it
towed us
under the
rip and we
into habit
and killed it
any possibility
of pursuing
passion eluded
us truly
whether you
acknowledge it
now, accept it
or regret us
we're through

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