Saturday, May 3, 2008

could I love the beach. could I love you?

06 Feb 2008

Could I be turning into someone who might love the beach
for just wanting to reach you and not let breach the look in your eyes.

Perhaps that is how love should be, like the sea taking everything
in it's tide and it's wide expanse lapping closer to your side
one moment I'm at the shore then next I'm at your shoulder
wading beside you and not feeling the cold of the water.

'Cause there's something about you that heats everything around
maybe it's just the sound of you speaking that keeps me from sinking.

If we make it back to the sand I'll take you by the hand
and we'll make out in the summer night and grow fond of the sight
of the sun setting on water and a moment of order
to the crashing of waves that engulf my plight of our being together.

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