Saturday, May 3, 2008

we sold sincerity for seduction

03 Feb 2008

You and I don't see eye to eye on romance
for you it's some cat and mouse dance
how soon? how long? what do you feel!?
you can't be sincere, you're not fucking real!

When by chance I inhale a breath of who you are
you lace my throat like twelve milligrams of tar
your smoke stings, the taste fills up my mouth
the nicotine seeps in and ships feelings south

I get spun around dizzy without a cure
you snare me completely: hook, line and lure
I haven't a clue what I'm supposed to do now
as all the thoughts of you plow through my head

Your childish ideas of being together
clash with mine on destiny and meant forever
screaming pettiness and resigning to compromise
doom love to a passionless life consumed by lies

As a window you can't see through for all perception
my glass heart's transparent and open for reception
but you stand back turned and won't look out it
indecisive, all my intentions are plagued by doubt

Just tell me now if you care even a trickle
I'd accept any evidence to disprove your fickle
display of relations in comparison to my vice
of determination to be nothing but nice

What world are we in where silence reigns king
where a heartfelt soul doesn't mean a single thing
like a butted out cigarette you leave me for wanting
and the knowledge of your harm is dangerously haunting

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