Monday, May 5, 2008

pleasure, pain and provocation

10 April 2008

have you finally tired of too frequent late nights being left wired
after conversations so intense it makes clear our observations
of each other in familiar contexts is it just me or is it your sex
that's tending towards our setting apart despite my loyal fight
all my efforts and my attempts at getting you leave me vexed

will you stand to correct my display of my sleeves' stapled seductive intent
I've told you and you know I've no regrets and nothing to repent
I'll rest easier knowing I'm letting vent and my dissent is getting spent
as our game drags on and on we've covered all that's right and wrong
it's time you bared your open hands or ceased their indecisive wavering
time's out to approach your apprehension
leave or make me part of your plans

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