Monday, May 5, 2008

Tap. Tap. Tap...

20 Mar 2008

She tapped at the keys.

The recurring, clicking sound of fast paced fingers. They tapped at his head, trying to remove his skull, slide in and scoop out his brain.

The more she typed the more that her fingers succeeded and sunk themselves in. Her nails piercing and cuticles devouring as she ripped apart all the thoughts inside, replacing them with herself.

He was helpless.

Sitting at the screen he watched the words; sharp and hardy nails hammering into his heart; unable to be withdrawn or smoothed over. Each paragraph seemed to lacquer the last. Coating it so it would stain and be forever tarnished. Glossed, so that everyone to come that would walk over or past it would see what was done and there could be no resolve.

Perhaps to rip the boards up and start new, but even then there were foundations that could not be taken and would forever stay as part of the history of his heart. They could only remain, so that everything new built upon it would have to accept that it was already there and would be forever.

He prosed his thoughts and leaned forward to tap the keys back. Hoping he could scrounge his own staples to retort her stinging, violent words. But as much as he willed he couldn’t. Not for all his despair, could he muster any anguish or spite.

He couldn’t find the actions to lay his fingers upon any venom. So a silence fell between them. In the silence that was already obvious to each of them of their physical and emotional distance. Propelling them further and further, to galaxies apart.

The small words in front of him he kept reading over and over tore larger and larger; searing holes in him. He tried to remedy them with console and rationale but everything he layered and dressed just kept bleeding and dying. Falling through his dermis collecting on his flesh.

Until he couldn’t take it any longer

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