Sunday, May 18, 2008

If hypothetically I fell for you

How long can you hide intimate feelings that reside
for a friend you want as a lover, knowing if you tell her you'll suffer

Consequences and repercussions will drip forever like blood
oozing from a wound never healing that gapes with misguided feelings

Do you fight to bring to the open; the situation- hoping
oxygen'll breathe life; seeing how long without sutures the wound copes

You're enslaved as a secret admirer, with admiration a fire
stoving alight inside you with so close yet so far desire

You know you should resign her to a muse; nothing more
but the thought of you and her is a foot you've got half through a door

Beyond it there's nothing despite pensively pining
Just you and her in ruin; a friendship digested finally manure

Shat in a pasture where you knew grass would never grow greener
but how to ignore the itching tickle to reach out to bring her closer

To your world letting her clue in on your brewing infatuation
manifest in your mind with her manufacturing mellay imagination.

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