Saturday, May 3, 2008

on the banks of the south I was the odd one out.

16 Feb 2008

As I walked from the casino I realised they were five who
didn't know who I was or who I became.
To them I was but for a haircut and shoes just the same.
The years not having changed anything, but rearranged some habits and habituating.

All the years they passed stagnating I was remolding and recreating.
Some change I hate, but I know is inevitable
and I debate how much I show I care that they're not my people.
I don't want to preach to them under my sophistication steeple.
I just want to be understood and not seen as a weakling.

Still for all of my efforts I can't help but wonder why I'm seeking
their approval and nod when I know I could remove them and not
have any doubt in my mind I could move on and be fine.
Cause I have real friends who get me and care and will let me
speak to them wisely and never know that once upon a time
I complied just to satisfy. Who to me will be nothing but nice.

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