Saturday, May 3, 2008

you boiled to the surface, like you should never have been there

23 Jan 2008

You stole my heart from me and then turned it to stone
I thought that you would love me then you left me alone
I wanted a connection and perpetual adoration
Instead you left me drowning in a sea of isolation
You sided with the enemy when I most needed a friend
You left me well and truly before we reached the end
Tell me now, why did you waste all my precious time?
What meaning did you put into every song and every rhyme?

Now I'm taking back my soul and you'll never get me again
And when you're all alone and so unsure maybe then
You'll hate yourself like I hate you this moment
And finally see for yourself what you've done and own it
'Cause you're a liar and a thief and the least bit a gentleman
The thought of your touch now has the bitterness of lemon

I wouldn't spare you a cigarette even if it'd clear your muddy mind
And I'll never stop to give you the time for yourself to maybe find
'Cause you're not worth it anymore. You're ugly and deformed
Don't touch my heart again or I'll exact vengeance you've been warned
I can find another who'll serve me far better than you know
I hope someday there's someone who can hit you as hard, as low
As you've stabbed me once too many times. You'll not get in another blow

The grass is fucking greener and your face more ever yellow
And it'll only turn to brown with your self pity and your wallow
Brace yourself old lover 'cause you've not known pain like this yet
On you're weak and disjointed mind I pray God's wrath is set
If just to teach you decency towards another soul
If it were my choice certainly I'd leave you to rot in gaol

Ah forget it! Why'm I wasting my time thinking of you
Now you're surely not sparing me even a thought or two
I'll have more than ever now without you to hold me back
And you'll never, ever realise how much honesty you lack
I'll shower and bathe till you're stench no longer stains
It's over. I'm moving beyond you, that's it I refuse to further wane

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