Saturday, May 3, 2008

hating you makes me a better person

31 Jan 2008

The dilemma that I have is that I want to stop all my caring
When I see how you're going and all too well fairing
'Cause what right do you have to get over me so fast
After you how can I make any real feelings last
How does it make you feel to continue so dishonest
To break my heart into pieces and every single promise

I’ve destined you to gather dust, I'm shelving you to my past
I should have seen your waning and knew you couldn't last
Your understanding's that of a fish stuck in a bowl
You've changed completely, auctioning off your soul
Now that you're rid of me your stench reeks pungent glee
Your sight's worse than a bat even echolocation cannot seen

I'm burned with your vacuousness and frivolity
Your love caged me up rather than setting me free
You spared barely a thought to what lay in our morrow
You buried yourself in shit until you wholly stank of sorrow
All you wanted was to end, to get away from our course
But who are you to bury me beside your rotting corpse

Well my heart's a wall that whilst you destroyed it can be rebuilt
All three wishes from a genie would be that you're consumed by guilt
If God exists and I've one prayer to him; your creator
It's that he banishes you to hell sooner rather than later
'Cause you've no place on earth when you're the tool of the devil
Where as you bring down everyone near you, you kick back and revel

The world's a fucking pisspot and you're standing at the top
Hitting everyone below you with every single drop
Of the poison that you're filled with on inside and out
Your heart's a dried up countryside riddled with draining drought
You're alone now and I hate you for leaving me likewise
But I'm better off without you and all your feeble lies

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