Monday, May 5, 2008

knowing you're in love again
is when feelings surpass your marked one

23 Apr 200

you can't know you're again in love
till feelings surpass your marked one
its a tugging getting you in your heart
reminding you of the start of your last
consideration to all your cautious thinking
it feels something more,something different
perhaps escalating at a faster rate
it seems increasing on the benchmark,
as old notions of 'in love' depart

you wonder every time how you begin again
you're debating whether or not you're falling in
whether it's something else
maybe fleeting or just the unplanned meeting
of someone new and exciting
as inspired feelings take you
in surprise you find yourself floored
with being unsure and never having felt so alive

I asked this of a friend
how did they know a beginning from an end
they said you'd know it when it showed up
because everything you'd grown up
to call love and was made to seem small
and so long ago would interrupt
your very existence as a persistent
better grasping of what was in the past
making a new start from what you thought
would only be short lasting

Suddenly you realise
you're in a new casting
a new benchmark that's exploding
birthing a sky of new stars reaching far
across a black blanketed night
and though it's your dreams that give fright
to bridges still to be crossed
you've got to weigh up the cost
of not taking hold of the moments and times
you could stand in life's line
for a span and not make any progress
so now you should own it while it's yours

here's a theory
show and let the person know
you are vulnerable and it's palpable
and maybe they'll requite your actions
of all in and forgive any gender roles
forget assumptions and gladly rid of the conundrums
that shroud you now in cryptic cloaks
of the game between girls and blokes
pretending that love's a joke
when rather it's more like a yoke
that can easily wind up choking
if left to silence's subtractive sums

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