Sunday, May 25, 2008

unclasped lovers

I hate it how I let your kiss
get me so quickly involved
my emotions take a hold of me
surprised at what I said I wouldn't be

your lips brush along my neckline
as a hand unbutton's me free
running your nails along my chest
unclasping your bra I cup your breast

at last discarding our clothes quick
you sigh as I firmly trace and lick
between muffled lips let cry soft moans
just a whisper amidst the city's drone

pass the time in massive attack
confusion at what we both attract
you fit to me true when you I hold
sincerity couldn't remain long sold

seduction sucks me to your world
I can't maintain you just a girl
in a trip of skull over ankles I collapse
unable to let so much silence lapse

you've changed from being there so often
to away more frequently and it's not on
detachment's not how I play the game
we've something to own up to or claim

it's not an egg and spoon race we've begun
we're running two fragile hearts out in front
of us and if they're dropped before the finish
we may's well never entered from the beginning

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