Monday, May 5, 2008

straight lines

10 April 2008

there's something about you and I and straight lines
like a ladder that ascends you just have to climb
why'm I realising now perhaps it's your timing
that your tights tore a run resulting in our talking

the way it is with these signs maybe I require stability
so I trace your run and embrace my fragility
it's a weird place to encounter our meeting of minds
find such similar conclusions to conspicuous allusions

here's a thought what if the straight lines met stains
like they couldn't be repaired or simply erased
what could our brains being out late tonight refrain
on our never ending narrative of fiction freight train

you've got the feeling for the words I stake my claim on
I don't have to take time to explain my frantic actions
when a notion brushes my brain and the words fall like rain
you just sit beside me and say take your time dear
you've got me intrigued and listening, whisper secrets to my ear

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