Monday, May 5, 2008

my midnight malignant melanoma

03 Apr 2008

midnight retrospective I’m no moonlight casanova
but terminally you’re taking me like a malignant melanoma
burying deep under my skin, infecting and quickly spreading
burning intrigue through my blood and doing my head in

there’s no antibiotic or cutting to cure me of your affliction
and I won’t tell you to stop it cause you’re a natural instinction
you rob me of my witty words when you press me to your lips
I lose track of all my thoughts when you tilt towards my kiss

I’m wishing upon a next time to take you and make you mine
forgetting what I think are signs, remembering to dim the lights
for all that you’re bizarre and not who or what I thought or expected
in reflection I’m glad to be surprised and for the term my heart you’ve sentenced.

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