Monday, May 5, 2008

do you realise?

28 Mar 2008

if i’m not allowed to fall i must be still and stand alone
it won’t take long before i drop with nothing to lean on
being thrown, skipping across the meniscus a smooth stone
skimming away from you until gravity says plop

i dislike that you ask me why and demand to know what’s the point
you seem to appoint me with confidence, the task of the ’us’ talking
which causes me to confess of my interest through you’re daunting
and all i’ve felt between us; is that we’re getting closer for all our caulking

it seems to me you’re hiding and not letting in through the cracks
the way our minds analyse, get disjointed and then let us act
with more honest intentions than we know, as if it’s okay to turn our backs
so the way it play’s we tend to hide behind walls of inspiration and facts

well to chance to drop into the pond or not; i’ve no other choice to take
because if i don’t and i let you go, you might have to fight your mistake
of what i’m worth as that smoothed stone in your hands before you throw
and looking to the stars i’m someone you should take the time and heart to know

so now with flaming lips do you realise exactly what you might miss
that whatever this is, if we’re just friends; why’s it feel so good for us to kiss
i go crazy when you’re with me; to have you in my arms and disarm your intelligence
and feel you close like you can be, if you choose to honestly say yes.

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