Monday, May 5, 2008

inhibited in the minute by a machine that stops my dreams but resolves my craving of caffeine

09 Apr 2008

from the outside I think I see you. Is it my imagination or hopeful truth
taking a seat I know I’m invisible and to my friends I’m all too missable
I have my drink and take my time to sit and take the night in with Morrisey and The Smiths
when I go to leave and pay I’ve been wondering what I’ll say in that minute or less that I get

as I step to the counter you round to me and then the coffee machine inhibits me
and I forget all the things I’d thought out in my head then walking away I kick myself at what I said
and though I’m sure you noticed my interest you’re understandably busy with the order post-its
I’ve got too much time to spare and probably let you know that I care that this
separation and severing is getting to me and a lack of talking takes my thinking frequently

for all the conversations I make up, my mind’s empty and disheveled. Is my clarity disappearing?

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