Friday, May 16, 2008

A Kite In The Wind

you're on my mind
despite the time
we're not sharing
in line
with our plight
for less caring

does it feel right
now it's been shed
in the light
to acknowledge our passion
wasn't fairing
longer than that
single night

try as I might
to retain the rope
my fingers cut for the fight
as you float away
a beautiful kite
in the sky
finding your home
in the wind
being taken where it will
and making
good with the thrill
of being care free
and high

you're off and away
from everything
I'm dripping blood
from my palms
as I let you go with a sigh
and let the wind's voice
sing you a longing lullaby
to let you know
I'm saying farewell
and I insist you bring
me back a story to tell

I'll wait here and take
as long's it is till you're
from my sight and I'll keep
waving you goodbye

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