Monday, May 5, 2008

deciduous reaching over us. littering romance on the pool surface

16 Mar 2008

at the house where we met there’s a deciduous tree
it was autumn; the leaves turning golden from green
the tree branches over a pool reminding a couple fairing time
the foliage lands and floats around turning still blue into sublime

the seasons show in the state of swimming that the pool entices
and the weather between you and I shows us what the price is
to pay for having tried to fair longer than our spring due us
and as the next winter settles in a bitter wind rips coloured blades through it

like the tree in it’s deciduousness you decided to get rid of us
throwing away to the breeze all of the leaves that made up
the extensive coverage of foliage that could bloom flowers and nests
now we’re bare, just branches and exposed turning into food for insects

there was no evergreen ever to be seen for us beside that pool
watering, fertilizing and sun shining was all they could teach us at school
sometimes even nurturing can’t stop the wind’s blowing
as the seasons come and go I hope your leaves start to regrow

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